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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: and j.r stone takes us through what happened to date in court in the case
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of bryan stowe. >> suspect's norwood and sanchez are in a loss angeles county superior court, accused of beating bryan stowe. sick a video played in the courtroom, norwood was shown talking to his mother on a detective's cell phone and saying, i got arrested for the dodgers stadium thing. face there was a pause and then he says, i was involved, to a certain extent. moments later he said, i will certainly go down for it. prosecutors say sanchez was actually the main aggressor. he is the man believed to have hit bryan stow so hard that it knocked into the ground sending his goal into the concrete. witnesses say norwood and specifically sanchez were up to no good during the game. >> they were looking for trouble. i talked to my left and i saw one of the gentleman seated in the throwing
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peanuts. >> we saw a soda being thrown onto a couple. >> mr. norwood was trying to hold him back. mr. sanchez kept trying to pull himself up. >> he had on a dodgers jersey. he grabbed the side of his jersey and was pulling him back. >> he was trying to come at giants fans. he seemed very every. >> this is a preliminary meeting -- and preliminary hearings on the judge the evidence is there and that they can go to trial. this hearing will continue tomorrow as well as thursday. it is possible that we couldn't hear from witnesses. more to come in this case.
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>> one of the suspects was shot inside the store. three other suspects escaped. the bear looking for a white, mid-90s a four-door sedan. they have closed one direction of san ramon valley boulevard and are redirecting traffic around the crime scene. >>pam: a 5 hour standoff
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between a burglary suspect in oakland police ended with an arrest. they received a tip that the suspect was held up inside of a family member's home. haaziq madyun was there as the incident unfolded. >> the swat team, a canine unit and helicopters were called into the 2700 block of richie street. officer watson says a home invasions suspect they're kidding themselves inside of his grandmother's home. >> we did call for the swat team, the swat team responded and eventually they did make entry. we did use some small amounts of gas prior to entry. >> you can hear the sound of teargas being fired into the residence. here is the mother of the suspect's children being reunited with the two kids.
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>> he is currently downtown being questioned by investigators. >> its at more than 60 firefighters to battle a blaze in san jose. it started in the attic of a home at about 2:30 p.m.. the flames spread to adjacent home before the firefighters could put it out. one home was destroyed and the other severely damaged. asexual assault case from 15 years ago has been reopened.
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a sex abuse scandal and the possible role that the district pleading keeping information away from the public and police. as terisa estacio reports, parents are still very upset and wants answers. >> it was at this middle school in 1996 went to girl alleges that the science teacher sexually abused him. kron4 spoke -- tried to speak with the principle about the allegations and investigation of the school where he now teaches however when i went inside of the office of was told that he physically was not there.
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a parent pointed out his car in the parking lot. i went back into the office to get a clarification about his availability and i was told he was not around to speak with me. he recently announced plans to retire. parents tell kron4 that this came on the heels of district officials looking into his actions years ago. district officials would not comment on the issue. >> this investigation has sparked strong opinions. mary -- >> i do think it is a little old. i think proper actions have been taken and i think that they learn from the past. things have changed and moved on. >> i can think any time their children or minors involved, we should find out what happened even if that happened years ago as long as it does not get too out
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of hand furious >> they should just investigate and get the facts and go from there. that is the right approach. kolff's >> we will have a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. >>pam: the newly declared
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presidential nominee is in the bay area. mitt romney is among a select group of people at high and a fund-raising event. >> security was tight and parking attendants were plentiful. >>pam: you have someone's having business experience that is putting profits ahead of a long-term vision.
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in contrast, you have a president who has the vision for a long-term future. that is what most of silicon valley has supported the president. >> this group also greatly objected to the presence. >> earlier in the day and the wife of mitt romney attended the white luncheon. local republican party officials say they do not know when mitt romney will be back, but they do expect him to be back in the bay area and throughout the state of california before the election. >>pam: another mass
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execution discovered and syria. the new apple ceo talks product manufacturing including what he thinks about bringing apple jobs back to the u.s.. >>grant: what you get when you mix a bicycle with an elliptical exercise machine? the world's first elliptical bike. it is really something. that is coming up in my tech report. >>pam: the warriors will keep their nba draft pick, where they fall of the lottery selection. fix
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>>pam: the search for sierra lamar continues into reservoirs and other waterways. divers are now reviewing some are images. as rob fladeboe reports, citizen volunteers also
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resumed their search on land. >> they know the man is in jail, charged with murdering sierra lamar. they know that with each passing day the odds of finding her alive are slim yet those searching for her refused to give up. >> we have hoped that we are going to find her. we're looking for any evidence that she was in this area. >> back at the sierra research center, the father of sierra lamar tries to personally think the more than 100 volunteers who turned out on wednesday. >> our focus and purpose has not changed. >> i think people want to find this year is that we can find true justice for her.
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>> this group searched a farm south of gilroy off of highway 101. >> he could have hidden her somewhere. anything could happen. we are deleting she is still alive. >> organizers say the search will continue until siri is found or until people like these if stossel it up to look for her. >>pam: in a phone call from jail, garcia thorez says he has never seen sierra lamar. in the three years since he turned d.c., perseus torres has been arrested twice, identified as a suspect in mistress must solve all this, but he first turned up of police radar three years ago at this fall at the same
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location where he was arrested last week in the sierra lamar kidnapping and murder. >> it happened here in this parking lot outside of safeway inside the woman's car. >>pam: deputies released this sketch of the suspect. they say he taser a woman at once safely in tried to attack another woman at another safeway 2 mi. away. in both cases, the one of the eight unharmed and no one was tested. the santa clara county sheriff says garcia thorez worked at one of the stores and was considered a suspect. in may of 2009 he was arrested in the form houseful of by his mother in nearby san martino if deputies for attempting to carry out a provision jack says fred that he fought with fans. when year later, he was back in handcuffs for felony assault. the arrest was at the same farm house where he assaulted a tenant who allegedly did not pay rent. that is what his dna sample
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was taken. four deputies say the dna matched samples found on a purse belonging to sierra lamar. it turned up not far from her home. her dna was also found in his car. his moderate stance as subtle parody of the murder that he was fishing at you this reservoir. as recently as five days ago, five died teams have been searching that reservoir. kron4 will be in court tomorrow as garcia torahs is expected to offer a plea. join us for continuing coverage as well as on our web page in fifth in twitter pages. >>grant: he is a front for highs factor here if at least 60 home invasions in the past month and livermore. sphere there were two victims who were tieups, the
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victims were not hurt. police do not think it is on roughly is related to the other home invasions. livermore is averaging one home invasion every other month. they're having all of the city at all different times of day. >>pam: scientists are hoping to place sensors around a san francisco skyscraper. this residential high-rise has been outfitted with more than 70 sensors. this is one of the tallest buildings in california and is already groundbreaking for its designed to withstand earthquakes. the sensors will record any motion that the building makes. >> the information being recorded will be used to help improve the structural design. >>pam: the earth quake
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sensors have also been placed in other locations around the bay. >>jaqueline: warmer conditions today in warmer weather as we head into tomorrow temperatures back into the '90s: in a number of places. we will see fog along the coastline. the same deal for friday but by friday we will start to cool things down, cooling down more into the weekend as more extensive fog answers the forecast. kezar upper eighties through the south bay. it will definitely be more skillful for the east bay source. we are still going to see a component of the sea breeze winds in the forecast and along the coastline. temperatures in the 60 for warmer and start a with temperatures in the '80s. here is a look at your
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extended forecast purify as we head into friday will start a cooling trend. as we head into the weekend, were extend the call. stay with us, we will be back after the break. stay with us, we will be back after the break. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>gabe: this is below first political fight. but is really something. >> it was developed for me. what i found myself unable to rent a did not know what my choices were. i did not like being stuck in a gym. i always wanted to run again. this product lets the falafel 33 percent more
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calories burned. you have an efficient workout. it is much more like running in a sense the you can get a workout and a half an hour as opposed to biking. there is no bike seat or hunched over physician. your upper right, your neck is relaxed, you're going through the world like you do when you run. it is a more comfortable position than sitting hunched over. it is a wait very exercise because you are upright. this you are much more visible and able to seek better because you are so much taller than he would be on a bike. >> it is on the market. it is very popular with famous athletes and celebrities. for right now they are the only people who can afford it. right now it costs around $1,800. fees eventually, the price will drop.
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eroded and loved it. i want, when they're cheaper excellencies >>jaqueline: fog along the coastline, we will talk more about that and the warmer weather on tap for tomorrow coming up is just a bit. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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let me get you back. no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male announcer ] send money from one bank account to another, with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way. >>pam: coming up the apple ceo talks product manufacturing including what he thinks about bringing apple jobs fell back to america.
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more violence in syria, the actual world leaders are taking against the european nation -- middle eastern nation in what the nba draft holes for the warriors.
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>>grant: today metering lights are activated all longs out on to in san jose. of >>grant: alejandra cerball shows us how traffic has been moving now that is being regulated. >>alejandra: hydro on to the 11th street on ramp in san jose during rush hour. when i came to a stop there or only to cars in front of me. i waited 80 seconds for the
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cars to go and when the light turned green, it was my turn. the new metering lights allow one car qr green light. the backup theories during the at this he. caltrans says people have to adjust to the new lights. 325 new ramp meters are planned to be activated over the next four years to reduce traffic. critics say the lights are not necessary. traffic engineers say you can expect the lights to decrease delays by 6%. >>grant: south on tv has the metering lights, northbound to 80 in a sane similar area is next. here is where they will be. here is a list. these will be debuting in all likelihood, sometime this fall.
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>>pam: police in napa are searching for the person who sold 30 laptops from a school. they say someone broke into the elementary school sometime over the holiday weekend. the principal told the napa valley register the lap tops were inside a locked car and are worth around $30,000. the district has offered a $1,000 reward for a return of the stolen items. in fremont a hazmat crew had to clear up a garage because of a backup of the exhaust fumes. they were called on to the scene to investigate a body in a car and found another red buoys and gas on the hood of the car. and they brought out a massive fans to clear out the exhaust before they could get to the body which they believe was a case of suicide. the city of san francisco plans to hire more police
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officers and at&t's. maureen kelly tells us the mayor wants to boost staff and departments that of recently seen a drop. >> a class of cadets at the police academy, knowing how to properly use handcuffs. under the mayor's new proposal, san francisco's police will be holding six marc klaas is like this one over the next two years. that means 300 new officers on the streets. there'll be a total of four of 50 officers to be hired over six years for. the new blood is badly needed. four officers are retiring. san francisco police already has 220 fewer officers to what is mandated in the city charter with more on the way al receive flat she says this will bring staffing levels of vacillation and the vices of the defense keeps the department from going backwards and the progress they have made fighting crime.
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>> we have made tremendous progress. it is because we have had sufficient staffing in community support. batons has been spending 25 million in overtime a year to keep the minimum number of firefighters that are required to on the clock. the new plan calls for 20 p.m. et to be hired radwaste and 252 firefighters the height of the next two years. >>pam: oakland police will now be able to spend more time in the air fighting crime. the oakland police department helicopter will be reactivated, it is called fuelling california. budget cuts in the city of oakland grounded helicopter program a few years ago. >> destination will add about 80 hours a fuel times
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our police helicopter. as you know, it has not been able to fly full time since 2009. when this helicopter does for the first in the residence is a force multiplier. it provides safety and security for the officers and helps us to respond to calls a lot quicker than ground troops. stock and >> police in seattle say man shot himself after killing four people and injuring two others. in all, five people were shot, three of them died. another woman was shot in killed in what appears to the carjacking. police say the suspect shot himself as they were closing in on an arrest. he is in critical condition. these are new images coming
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from northern italy were earth quick left at least 17 people dead on tuesday. >>pam: the list of atrocities continues to grow in syria after another mass execution. but >>catherine: the presence of u.n. cease-fire monitors seems almost a joke. data 13 down courses were found in eastern syria, many of them shot execution-
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style. the hands of the victims were tied behind their backs to. this comes days after a massacre and one western village that killed more than 100 people. on of of nearly half for children. it is believed to be the work of local vigilantes' controlled it paid for by the syrian government. no one has much appetite for military intervention but the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. clearly does not think the policy is working. >> we may be beginning to see the wheels coming off of this bus. >> everyone is still operating to the u.n. plan ahead, across the world, a syrian diplomats like this one in australia are being sent home. otherwise there are the usual expressions of outrage. >> supporting this regime is
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placing one's self or nation on the wrong side of history. >>catherine: the u.n. human rights body is a meeting to talk about all this a friend. no one is talking about those intervention directly, military leaders is a if it comes to that, they are ready. calls if >>pam: apple ceo tim cook says he hopes apple products will someday be made in the united states. cost
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>>pam: new research suggests wal-mart could increase home values. been been found in homes located within a half mile of a new store, on average saw their prices rise to-3%. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. it little sliver of a fog near the coast line. temperatures were warmer out there today. we will see the same story tomorrow with even warmer conditions. today, upper 80s, upper 70's and low 80's in the south bay. eighties in the north bay.
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we can expect in '90s into tomorrow. here is a look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. >>pam: the first commercial spacecraft to dock with the international space station will return to work tomorrow morning. call for >>pam: for the california- based space eggs company is headed by the co creator of paypal and the electric car company tesla. virgin galactic says they expect to make rocket power test flights of its passenger space ship later this year if the faa has granted a permit that will allow them to start testing.
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more than 500 people including actor ashton kutcher have already signed up for a chance to experience weightlessness during sub orbital flights. a flight ticket currently costs $200,000. >>stanley: coming up, i will take you to 14 as if to show you one of the most disturbing segments i have ever had to cover in the next edition of people behaving badly. graduate, now that your journey begins, you're going to need a powerful connection !
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...and then there's the pillow. ♪ i dare you to dare me so they dared me to try this pantene. [ female announcer ] pantene anti-breakage the keratin protection system makes hair stronger reducing breakage up to 97%. ♪ think only salon brands can do that? i dare to compare... will you? [ female announcer ] anti-breakage from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. >>pam: he is still a multimillionaire, facebook founder mark zuckerburg has been kicked off of the list of the 40 richest people in the world. >>kimberlee: he was booted off of the list because his facebook shares have been floundering since the social networking giant went public. blumberg's billionaires' index reports last friday his monetary wealth was pegged at $16.2 billion, but
8:43 pm
yesterday it dropped significantly with its value at 14.7 billion which knocked him off of the list. the initial public offering started at $38 and has been on a decline ever since. yesterday's shares fell under the $30 mark for the first time since the ipo. today they were a little over $28. they have lost more than 23 percent of the ipo priced. the company is now the subject of a lawsuit with shareholders accusing zucker first and others of concealing a negative information about the ipo. facebook has said that the lawsuit is without merit. >>pam: coming up in sports, the oakland a's continue to struggle. will the warriors finally find it somewhat in the nba lottery?
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gary is next. when women off court has
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hatta yes lotus >>jeff: adderroll good household amalia ahead calls bathhouse heavy latin hanna other and with
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>>stanley: and three bodies were entombed here, the oldest dating back to 1930. >> they tried to break into all three, but they only got the one on the right open. >>stanley: they pulled out the caskets. one of them was made of metal and was sealed. >> the second one, they were able to open. that one has been in their sense of the '30's. the family is still local.
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conditions than today with temperatures into the '90s. stay warm on friday with cooler weather on tap. temperatures tomorrow in the south bay, upper 80s and low 90s in a number of places. soft our inland valleys will be back into the '90s as well. a little more comfortable for the east bay shores. closer to the coastline, sea breeze when with temperatures in the '60s. warmer in the north bay with ride spread '80s and '90s. here is a look at your extended forecast. tomorrow will be warmer and cooler on friday.
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continued cooling into monday. >> the seventh pick will be made by of golden state warriors. >>gary: bob myers riordan and it'll lose it on the podium. they receive the no. 7 thick. eight or lower, but it would have gone to utah. this is the big story, the charlotte bobcats, there were the worst team by far in the league but anthony davis from kentucky is going to lawrence. norman won the lottery.
8:50 pm
>> one part of the excitement is not losing, but it does not solve all of our issues. we have done well with mullen and carried. >>gary: boston and miami just completed a good basketball game. he is up 99-96 lead in the contest. from there, miami consumes control. miami now leads the series two games to nothing, 115- 11, they win this evening. the giants, as we speak is 2-1 arizona.
8:51 pm
the oakland a's are the worst hitting team statistically in all of baseball. for two hours 16 minutes they did not score. the oakland a's have lost seven in a row and their now seven games under 500. friday are off to kansas city. manny ramirez was eligible to join the oakland a's today but remains in trouble a sacramento. cuff >>vern: seemingly, not a happy 40th birthday for
8:52 pm
manny ramirez. the sacramento crowd loved him. at his side, a touch of gray against his dreadlocks. his fifth game suspension for a second failed drug tests is now behind him. his approach was getting a sense of timing of the plague that produced 555 career home runs. ramirez did not seek with us today, opting to lead his bat do the talking for him. his bat was silence. he was 0-4 with three strikeouts. there was a wonder if time if -- is running out. he is now eight or 36. the oakland a's are not sure when they will be ready to call him up.
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>>gary: a little bit of history at alcorn state, they hired the first white coach to ever leave their football program. his name is j. hobbs said. the game one of the stanley cup finals went into overtime.
8:56 pm
with the loss angeles kings win. 49er workouts continue. vernon davis and the game are just six weeks away from the real minicamp. the story today, jim harbaugh has been doing a lot of talking. he felt like addressing the peyton manning situations. with the believe jim harbaugh or not he says that it is phony, the perception that weaver pursuing manning is false, we were just a buy rating him. off is it a six year old spelling bee time?
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>>gary: this six year old will be the next kron4 anchor. graduate, now that your journey begins,
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